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How to Prepare for IIT-JEE? How to Develop Problem Solving Skills.

Whether we like it or not, approve of it or not ā€“ but the fact is that competitive exams are here to stay and have become a strict norm for selection to various professional courses.

Success in these exams is crucial because it gives students a clear cut break into the career line of their choice. But the seats are limited and not everyone who appears can be selected.

Let us discuss how we can prepare for this career and achieve success. At the outset let us be clear about one thing that there is no unique way or one Formula of preparing for the IIT-JEE. What is good for one may not be so for another. Clearing the JEE is a project and as such needs to be planned for and managed in the most organized manner.

Elements for Success - Proper Guidance; Proper Planning; Time Management; Confidence Building; Optimizing the output ; Relaxation `nā€™ Health

Determination and positive frame of mind is the first qualification for success in these examinations. The candidate must be a self motivated individual. Without motivation, no one can go through the rigorous process of preparation and keeping up with the tempo of learning for several years at a stretch.

The next requirement is selecting the right study material. Choosing the right institute offering right tools and methods of preparation for these entrance exams is important.

The third consideration is going for a suitable Study Strategy. Balancing school studies with competitive exam study is a skill students have to master. Try to incorporate and combine school studies within the broad framework of one's competitive exams' preparation strategy.

With marathon run from home-to-school/Junior College-to - coaching institute, most of the energy and concentration of students gets drained. Plus there are parents and teachers who suggest studying for 18 hours a day for 2 years. This sounds impossible.

The reality is - if an aspirant gives 4-5 hours to his studies everyday, on a regular basis, like religion, there is no reason for him to not do well in IIT-JEE, AIEEE and other similar competitive all India level exams.

But these 4-5 hours of full concentration self study have to be spent with books, a pen in hand; solving problems; improving proficiency. This time does not include time spent on coaching classes. Coaching is meant for guidance.

Most importantly an aspirant needs to sharpen his problem solving skills to be successful at IIT-JEE and other such competitive entrance exams. No coaching institute can instill these skills in a student if he himself is not putting in the required practice.

Success in exams like IIT-JEE / AIEEE depends on ones ability to solve problems based on applications of theory taught in Class 11th and 12th. At HR School of Career Planning we introduce students to various studying skills and habits by the time they pass 8th standard.

Students should make a note of the fact they are not studying beyond their fatigue limits and also not ignore to critically assess their progress to know where he stands with respect to his goals.

Happy preparing!!

HR School of Career Counseling has helped a number of students achieve success and get closer to their goals with Timely and Practical Guidance.